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The Live Chat at this Avoidant page is currently not in service.
Feel like a good chat? Some of us Avoidants
could use a little together time in the chat
room. Some of us feel intimidated/frightened
by the sheer thought of it all! Since the
weekends allow most of us more time...the
chat room might not be a bad idea for you.
If you are ready to take that plunge or just
feel chatty you might want to send a message
to the group letting others know your are 
available. If you dont get a response, 
please know that it isn't a rejection of 
YOU. IF you dont want to send a notice to 
the group you can always check the chat 
room in the evenings and weekends because 
thats when the timid but mighty Avoidant 
usually finds their way in there. :~D

Feeling Isolated? Maybe you can post us 
about it. Or maybe you have ways of coping 
through difficult things that might be of 
help to somebody else. Never under estimate 
your power to make a difference right where 
you are at. It may seem insignificant and 
you might think how much of a vulnerable 
state you experience everytime you put 
yourself *out there* on a limb. We live 
in terror of our own vulnerabilities as 
humans...they make us visible to others. 
Is that what you fear? Sometimes being 
visible is so painful because it means 
we expose much of our own authenticity, 
and we aren't sure we like our authentic 
selves, much less if anyone else will like 
or accept us. How can anyone else accept us 
when we can't accept ourselves? Actually, 
sometimes its the *seeing* person who says, 
"Hey you are alright and if you need my 
shoulder to lean on here it is..." 
maybe not in those exact words but 
the gift is there and you have only 
to reach out to it.

Sometimes being authentic does mean 
making changes. It means you accept 
where you are at but are determined 
to do what is neccessary to remove 
the obstacles that lay in the road 
before us. They are the big revolting, 
ugly mockers that tell you...you haven't 
got a chance. They lie and steal 
from us. Their only job is to scare us 
into submission, making us believe 
we are no better than they say we are! 
These guys are fiercely determined to 
be our ruin! They feed upon our fears! 
And they are strong and cling deeply 
to our hearts, soul and psyche. Again,
with an understanding shoulder to lean upon, 
someone to reach down and help you see 
your way clear can help you discover 
who that authentic self is, where it 
lives and how to embrace it.
Lives aren't meant to be pain/struggle 
free...perhaps some of us will always 
live with a perpetual thorn in our 
side but we have HOPE above hope that 
the struggle will not be in vain. 

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