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This Avoidant, Social Phobia, Anxiety Support group
is also here for the family and friends of Avoidant
People. If you have questions about the nature of 
your loved one or just want general information, 
you are welcome to read the archives, lurk and listen
or ask questions related to your concerns.

We encourage you to become more personally 
educated and the only condition(s) required
for being here is that you have a true sensitivity to
those that suffer and a willingness to be supportive 
to the afflicted person in your life. 
Likewise, and more importantly understand that
at the end of the day you are NOT responsible for
another persons illness, behavior, disorder or 
condition. If the Avoidant Person in your life 
has little willingness or ability to seek out 
treatment or help, then you must consider
that the relationship may not be a healthy place for 
you to be.

If we can be supportive to you when times 
get tough or confusing and you find yourself 
questioning whether or not the relationship 
you are struggling with is going to change 
and or is worth keeping...please let us help 
you put things into perspective; then expect 
honest answers. 
You may also wish to join "Friends
Of Avoidants" Group - a new group for
non-Avpders http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/friendsofAvoidants/

Thank you,



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