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Please read, this messages has been updated.

There are members here using exercise
or diet or a combination of the two to
help combat some of the depression, low
self worth and lethargy we Avoidants can

If you need support in this area
OR can offer support to those 
seeking a better fitness level would
you be interested in adding your name
and email address to a list?

A list has been established and
set up for Avoidants ONLY...wanting more 
discussion on health/fitness and the 
mind-body connection. Whether you are 
into Yoga, cycling, walking etc...no 
matter what kind of diet you are or
are not following...if you are interested, let 
me know.

Body image and food issues can be a vulnerable
subject for some, if enough people are interested I am
making available an additional forum for these kinds of
discussions as an adjunct to the Avoidant list.

Note: Body image issues do occur in people with AVPD. Full spectrum of eating disorders can be seen comorbid with AVPD. Avoidant behavior may be exacerbated in those who gain weight due to a lack of social interaction, activity and isolation. A vicious cycle of avoiding people and places due to feeling self-conscious about weight and not measuring up to societies ideal for weight, beauty or attractiveness may lead to more distancing behavior. Body image issues and the progression of an eating disorder may also be related to past family dysfunction and childhood trauma. Eating disorders are usually compulsive and compensatory in nature. For e.g., Binge eating, purging and or compulsive over-eating.

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