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Avoidant Personality Disorder
Description of Avoidant Personality Disorder APD/ Excellent explanation/interpretation of APD and it's additional components.
Books on SPs APD, Anxiety, Perfection,procrast,
Most books have a description and a link to find them. Just cut and paste! There are tons of suggested reading for your perusal! Sensitivity, Avoidance, shyness, perfectionism, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Low Self Esteem etc
Dysthymia\chronic depressive mood disorder
Our Avoidant News Letter
work in progress
Person 2 Person Support
In Person SP/AvPd Support Groups
* Avoidant Personality Disorder
An extensive description of AVPD and will probably answer most of your questions about it and diagnostic differentials
AVPD and Substance Abuse
Treating The Addicted Avoidant Personality Disorder
"What's To Live For?"
Inspiration when hope is lacking.
***Avoidant Personality Disorder VS.. Social Anxiety***
AVPD verses Social Anxiety their common components and the differences...
Affects on the BRAIN....
Spect Pictures of the Brain
Different links...
All About Distance Education and Correspondence Schools.
Internet resources and snail mail learning resources

All Creatures great and small... (If you love and are devoted to the safety of animals:)
A fantastic website devoted to the plight of all animals/environmentalism

Anti-Depressants Risks
Article about the possible correlation between suicide risk and anti depressant use.
Applying for SSI or Disability
Links to online sites that answer your questions about SSI and the application process, also Advocacy sites that are there to help get you Disability
Information and Links for those with Aspergers
Support group and personal homepage
Autism group links
Learning more about Autism...
Avoidant Personality Disorder In Depth
In Depth Description of Avpd and it's components
Extensive explanation of Avpd/APD
Avoidants, Weight, Fitness Issues
Getting fit with other Avoidants through emails, suggestions, diet plans, exercise and support and encouragement
AvPD AvoidantPersonalityDisorder
Extensive Explanation of AVPD/APD
Body Dysmorphic and Eating Disorders
Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker!!!
What jobs/occupations do Avoidants do or want to do to eke out a living??
CHAT Room..
The Mad Chatters...
Online treatment Services/DBT therapy
Depersonalization Disorder and Self Infliction
A dissociative disorder of bodily senses, mind and thought reality
Do Not be Discouraged...
Dr. Martin Kantor
AvPd Research and Psychiatry/Book "Distancing"...
Finding a therapist locally
By city and state...Agoraphobia, Panic and Sps
Self Injury
Medication for Social Anxiety, GAD and Bi polar disorder
Local Support Groups and services
Resources to find local Anxiety Support Groups and therapists
Loneliness and Isolation
Links on the topic and study of Loneliness and Isolation
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Inspirational Speaker and Poet
Personality Disorders
Descriptions of Disorders, particularly Schizoid references
Relaxation and Calm Techniques
For coping with anxiety
Schizoid Personality Disorder
In depth description of Schizoid Personality Disorder. With and without dual dianosis.
Self-help materials and Programs
Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia, PTSD etc.
SI and Borderline Personality
Social Anxiety for Aussies
Links to pages for support and treatment of SA in Australia
Social Anxiety Institute
Featured articles and Treatment for SA.
Social Anxiety Network
Online Anxiety network...lot's of info
Social Anxiety Offline Support Groups
Offline and in person support groups in California
Social Phobia file
A description....
Spouses, Parents, Children and Friends of Avoidant People
Support for those living with Social Phobics and Avoidant People
SSDI and Disability
Web sites for those in need of information on how to obtain benefits...
SSRI's Meds and Neurology
Informational Web sites....
Suicide & Depression Intervention and Support
Support for crisis intervention
Suicide Hotlines, Help, Reaching out.
Websites, phone numbers and books on the subject.
Therapist Locator
Find a therapist who can help you cope with anxiety related issues



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