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Crisis Intervention

For links to suicide hotlines, books and websites...
If you are feeling numb or desperate please call someone, or call your local police agency, therapist
or email someone you trust or tell us on the list.

Remember you are not alone here, we care..... Please let somebody know.
For links to suicide hotlines, books and websites that may help...

Befrienders International.
They have a good website on topics related to depression,
loneliness, Isolation and suicide. Compassionate organization that
doesn't shy away from the difficult topics.

When No One Knows Your Pain - A Place of Hope & Compassion
Good site, very compassionate and opened to discussing a persons
suicidal stance. No shame.

Peace and Healing -

Have a hearts Depression and suicide homepage.
A rest stop from depression and thoughts of suicide. Very good page!

Beautiful page of hope and help(depression,suicide)

The page has links to International Suicide help "the Samaritans."
This link is really good. You will feel understood.
They also have a few links to books on depression and suicide.
I think they operate from the UK and Ireland.

If You Are Feeling Suicidal Please Look Here.
When the depression is bad, there are people here who care. Let someone know!
The link is to Mental Health Net-Suicide.

Books - (Refer to our library for additional books)


David L., Ph.D. Conroy
Out of the Nightmare

Recovery from Depression and Suicidal Pain (Paperback)



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